Naranj is a fast-growing digital creative agency in Iran.

The studio was set up in 2014 with the aim of developing new experimental and artistic techniques of animation for television and the cinema and with a commitment towards exporting its work to the international market for a real high quality product.


Content Development — Contact us if you’re interested in hearing about what we have cooking, Co-productions or acquisitions.

Visual Development — Do you already have an idea and you’re looking for someone to shape it into a great project?

Character Design — The House specialty. Take a look!

Storyboard — Is you Script ready for the next step? We are too!

Animation — Let us breathe life into your characters!

Here is the factory of idea

Naranj creates first class animation for Music Video, Short Animation, Advertising, and special projects. We merge passion, art and technology with the aim to light on a magic never seen before

Save Time

Even though the shooting of the commercial will only take a few days that is only the beginning. Post-production takes a lot of time and another set of hands to help with the editing and voice overs, you name it. Instead of struggling to direct your cast, you can choose what your animated character will say, and even how and with what emotions they will say it.

Save Money

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually cheaper to create an animation commercial than it would cost to create a live production. If you want your advert to be memorable you would probably need a recognizable face to go with the product. Hiring a celebrity will cost you a lot of money not even talking about the salaries of the entire team.

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